"Et vinum laetificet cor hominis”

“Et vinum laetificet corhominis”

Wine on Stamps Study Unit

Wine on Stamps Checklist

The Wine on Stamps Checklist is a list of over 2400 wine and related topics on stamps. Revision 5.0 was issued on January 1, 2016 and contains over 150 new listings, corrections and clarifications.  In addition the Wine on Stamps Checklist there are separate checklists for Beer on Stamps and Wine and Beer Patron Saints on Stamps. They are issued together in one file.


The Checklists are available to members as an Excel download ($5);  as a hardcopy - $17 to US addresses; $34.00 to Canada; and $43 elsewhere. Members should send their request along with payment to Paul Parham. Payment can be made by PayPal to pauljparham@msn.com. (If using PayPal please consider adding $1 to cover PayPal costs.) The hardcopy is 90 printed pages.

The next revision will be published in 2017. Updates are in each issue of ​Enophilatelica​.