The purpose of the Wine on Stamps Study Unit is to promote the collection and study of stamps and other philatelic material concerning wine, grapes, wine making and consumption, and related areas. The Study Unit publishes a quarterly, full color journal, Enophilatelica, and a Wine on Stamps Checklist. Click the appropriate link for more details.

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Introduction to the Wine on Stamps Study Unit

Welcome to the Wine on Stamps Study Unit

“Et vinum laetificet corhominis”

Wine on Stamps Study Unit

"Et vinum laetificet cor hominis”

The Wine on Stamps Study Unit will not meet at this year's Great American Stamp Show. We are planning to meet at 2024 GASS in Hartford, CT, August 15-18. More information will be provided in Enophilatelica​.

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Officers of the Study Unit are David Wolfersberger, Ocala, FL, President and ​Enophilatelica Editor; Vice President: Laurie Ryan; Deb Collett, Brighton, Victoria, Australia, Secretary/Treasurer.

American Topical Association and the American Philatelic Society. Click on the society name to visit their site.

​The August 2023 issue of Enophilatelica has the conclusion of Christos Gikas' article "Wine: From Vinter to Consumer;" "Wine Drinking on Stamps," by David Wolfersberger' as well discussions of news and the Checklist Update. 

Welcome to the website of the Wine on Stamps Study Unit. The Study Unit was founded by Dr. James Crum in 1995. There are now over 40 members in 11 countries, all pursuing the fascinating hobby of collecting stamps and related philatelic items connected to wine, grapes, viniculture and viticulture, and other alcoholic beverages. 


If you are interested in wine on stamps you are encouraged to join the Study Unit. Complete details can be found by clicking here.