"Et vinum laetificet cor hominis”

“Et vinum laetificet corhominis”

NOTE: Enophilatelica received a Large Vermeil medal in the literature competition at the recent NTSS/StampShow in Omaha. It also received an ATA Honorable Mentione Award. Thanks to all contributors who made this recogntion possible.

Wine on Stamps Study Unit


November 2019

The new issue of Enophilatelica features an article by Debra Collett "Hungary's First Wine World Wine Competition." Attila Almasi provides addtional information about wines in Hungary. "Wine Festivals," by Gail Unzelman, is lavishly illustrated with numerous poster stamps. This edition is completed with a wrap-up of the Wine Cellar articles, and a discussion of new issues. 

On more somber note, the passing of long-time member J.J. van Oss of the Netherlands is noted in a Closed Album tribute.


The Journal of the Wine on Stamps Study Unit


Enophilatelica is the quarterly journal of the Wine on Stamps Study Unit. It is available in PDF format or printed in full color on heavy paper with saddle stich binding. Each issue contains interesting articles about wine on stamps and general wine topics that are of interest to members. In addition each issue contains an update to the Wine on Stamps Checklist.


All members are encouraged to submit articles for publication. The Editor, David Wolfersberger(dewolf2@swbell.net) is ready to assist by suggesting possible topics and help with writing and editing.